Saturday, November 25, 2023

Cupcakes and Decorations

Sadie and Allie came for a visit yesterday. 
Sadie brought sprinkle cupcake mix.  Virginia said she wanted me to help her make them.  Allie wanted to join in which made things more chaotic. But we managed to get them in the oven.  Virginia took Allie outside to play while Sadie and I finished up using the batter by making a three layer cake in the Easy Bake Oven. 

 But the real excitement was getting the tree put up.  Sadie couldn’t wait to start decorating it.  She kept wanting to put the ornaments on.  So I did a rush job putting on the star and lights.  We then brought down 4 boxes of shatter proof ornaments.  Can you tell how high Sadie could reach.
Once again, Allie wanted to join in.  Her idea of helping was to throw the ornaments across the room as far as she could. 
Sadie was exceptionally careful.  She made sure each ornament had a hook, then she would place it on the tree and adjust it so it would hang right.  I thought about rearranging them after she left, but I decided it was much more special to leave them where she had put them instead or trying to spread them out. So there is a line of Sadie height shatter proof ornaments in a ring around the tree.  When they left, I thanked Sadie for helping me decorate the tree.  Then Sadie thanked me for helping her make cupcakes.  What not quite three year old does that?


C said...

How extraordinary. Keeping Sadie's ornaments in place is special. I'm glad the ornaments were shatterproof considering Allie's help :)

Shirley said...

Awwww that's just special!

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