Saturday, November 18, 2023

Day 10 and 11, Homeward Bound

Our journey home started at 5 am.  We had to get everything packed back up in 4 pack backs and be ready for breakfast at 5:30.

Several family  members were already on the canoe.  Bunny had his crown on ready for the trip back. 
Joe and I were the only ones with cushions, besides Bunny. 

There wasn't much to do for the 3 hour trip back to Coca.  No more anticipation of what was going to happen next.  But I started noticing small things, like the penmanship of Sinchi.Wayra.  Joe said if he were writing it, it would probably look like the one on the left. 


And there was the bridge to pass under to be in Coca.  

 Eddie, our guide is on the left, the others are 2 of his brothers. I think there were 10 children all together. 


The taxi to the airport was a little suspect.  The big starburst crack in the windshield didn't help much.

Outside the airport was a pretty wall mural of different birds. 

This is how I managed my basket, pot and Bunny.  But after getting to Quito I decided to just carry it in my hand instead for trying to keep it tied to me. 
Back on the tarmac and up the stairs and in 30 minutes we were in Quito. 
We had 12 hours to kill.  It turned out that Emily and Keiran were just an hour away at a hotspring resort with one of Keiran's friends.  I thought it would be nice to just get an Uber and hang out with them for a few hours, but Joe would not leave the airport.  He was afraid something would happen and we would have trouble getting back in time.  I had gotten him this far without incident so I didn't press the issue.  I let him read a book I had picked up at Emily's lodge, Slaughter House 5.  He read the entire book.  
It was a nice airport.  We sat outside a cafe that played American music.  We took turns walking around. 

Even the airport food was good.  This TexMex bowl was made fresh and was only $7.00.  
Our plane left and midnight.  Bunny had his passport ready to come back through customs. 
Joe and I managed to stay awake all night.  We arrived in Atlanta around 9 am then headed back out to Greensboro.  
And how nice to be met by Ann!!!!  But we were not home yet.  
Ann took us to a nice diner for breakfast.  Back to American style, carbs, sugar and fat. 
Then maybe so we could right off the trip, Joe stopped at a tractor dealership.  We had ordered a new tractor and he was checking to see when it might be delivered.  We made it to the house around 3 pm after 34 hours of traveling.  Back to the real world and back to our regularly scheduled programming.  


C said...

What an adventure. I'm with Joe - stay at the airport - who needs the worry of will you make it back in time. Slaughterhouse 5 - well that is a bit surreal. Bunny certainly got to travel in style.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip. So interesting.

JordanWheeler said...

Love the selfies! Good memories. You're braver than I am!

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