Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Day 9 Part 1 Yasuni National Park

The meal trumpet sounded 3 times at 6 AM indicating breakfast was ready.   We needed to get an early start to see the parrot clay lick. 
Fresh fruit, fresh passion fruit juice, 
eggs, toast and jam made a delicious start to the morning. 
Then to the motorized canoe to head deeper into the amazon.  

We saw these birds almost every time we were on the water.  They are a prehistoric bird called a Hoatzin.  Our guide called them "stinky birds."

We made it to the clay lick.  There were hundreds of parrots and parrakeets.  There were also about 3 other canoes from other lodges.  
Now my problem was trying to focus with all my previous steps but adding in a rocking canoe.  All of the blue dots are birds along with the large green dots.  After about half and hour it was time to leave and go to the actual park entrance.  

But it started to rain. 
It was still drizzling when we got there, so instead of going on a hike right away we went to the shelter to do some crafts.  
We learned how to weave and braid palmetto leaves.  We each got a "crown".
The mother started the braid and I finished them.  I also got a bracelet Eddie our guide made.  
And mother started working on a weaving.  When the rain stopped we went on the hiking trail.  
We saw more frogs, 
more bugs, 

termite nests, 
and a cool sandpaper leaf.  
The spot in the middle is where mother used the leaf to sand the tree bark.  They are also good for filing fingernails.  I sort of wish I had brought one home.  It would be a nice conversation piece.  
There were also more cool plants, like this walking palm. 
pretty flowers, 
and umbrella leaves. 
One the way back, mother continued her weaving. 

And a howler monkey and baby were spotted. 

Another wonderful meal was served when we got back to the lodge.  
They had asked if we had any dietary restrictions.  Joe and I both said "no."  But I had not anticipated shrimp being served for lunch in the middle of the jungle.  Joe is allergic to shrimp.  That meant I got 2 helpings and he got extra rice and my fried banana.  The  shrimp and the light brown sauce it was served with was probably the best shrimp I have ever had.  
And a glazed piece of fruit was for dessert.  
Mother had finished her weaving.  It was a beautiful basket and she gave it to me.  I loved it!  But all I could think was, how am I getting that back home? 

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C said...

All the plants and fauna are so interesting. I like that you also got some crafting it.

The best shrimp you have ever had - wow!

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