Thursday, November 16, 2023

Day 9 Yasuni National Park Part 2

After lunch Joe and I walked around some before our next activity.  Did I mention that we were the only ones at the lodge other than the family and chef?  

I loved this pink shrub right outside the lodge.  
This display was set up in the dining area.  I was guessing it was crafts for sale.  More on that later. But first, our next activity...
Blow gun practice!  We were told that only those that hit the target would be getting supper.  That's ok, I was pretty full anyway.  

Joe took right to it, 

and hit the target, a banana bloom substituting for a monkey head, on the second try. 

I took a few more attempts before finally hitting the target.  
Then some of the other family members joined in.  Another sister hit it on her first try.  I said she could be in my hunting party.  After a few more laughs there, we got back on the canoe for a trip to an observation tower. 
I never did find out how tall it was but Joe and I both hoped that it was inspected on a regular basis.  
The view from the top was spectacular.  
We saw this lemon throated barbet. 
Four howler monkeys sunning themselves. 
More toucans. 
And parrots.   A pair of stunningly blue tanagers flew by but didn't land where I could photograph them. 

As the sun started going down it was time for us to head down the tower and through the jungle to the canoe before it got too dark.  
But the wildlife show wasn't over yet.  We saw a group of squirl monkeys along the riverbank on the way back.  
Then one last look back for a beautiful sunset. 

Can you believe we had popcorn for dinner.  It was to put in the cream of broccoli soup.  
The main course was porkchops. 
I cannot remember the name of the dessert, but it was good like everything else. 
This was it in its raw form.   You might think that our day was over after dinner, but you would be mistaken.  We went on a night walk.  I was promised a tarantula.  

But we saw a poison dark frog, 
several walking sticks, 
another cute frog and lots of other bugs and a opossum but no tarantula.  
Until we got back to the lodge.  Mother had found one crawling up the outside of the dining area.  That thought really helped us sleep better.  
Then came the sales pitch.  Mother wanted to go over the things on the table one by one.  I went ahead and bought this clay pot.  Now I have a pot and a basket to get back from the jungle along with our already over packed luggage.  


Shirley said...

What an adventure/vacation you are having! Middle of the jungle and they have a chef? Yay you! The plants, flowers, birds and all the other critters are amazing.

C said...

This got me: " I was promised a tarantula. " Well you got one. Plus a poison frog (yikes). Beautiful clay pot. That pink scribbly plant was quite stunning. Such interesting everything :)

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