Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Devastating Loss

While I was gone, the neighbor across the gravel road with the 10 Rhodesian Ridgebacks called and said something was dead and laying in the woods.  He could see a body, he didn't know goat or dog,  on our property from his house and came over to investigate.  He called back and left another message saying it was one of our dogs.  After Joe got the message he went and found Power Puff Girl dead.  She had apparently been shot, most likely by someone driving down the gravel road.  She was a beautiful, sweet, gentle dog doing her job on our property.  I will never understand the callous evil in some people. 
Puff was only 10 months old. 
She was still just a puppy. 
And she liked doing puppy things. 

But she loved people. 
Especially children.  She had been raised by a family that homeschooled 5 children.  She was still growing and was most likely going to be our largest dog.  I am heartsick and devastated at this senseless killing.  


aurora said...

This is horrific. So very sorry for the cruel loss of your special baby girl. There is a special kind of hell for those who abuse and kill animals for entertainment.

Shirley said...

Oh no.... that is awful. How senseless and cruel people are.
It's tough enough to lose on by natural causes but to have her senselessly shot is actually alarming. Keep an eye out for them, and I hope you got the police involved.

JordanWheeler said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOO! :( Hoping that karma takes care of this! SOOO SENSELESS!

C said...

How devastating and terrible.

C said...

Just seeing this post again makes me so sad.

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