Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Break In The Weather

It has been very cold lately. And I don’t like riding in the cold anymore. Not that
I ever did but I like it even less now.  But yesterday there was a break in the cold and the afternoon temperature got up to around 50 degrees. Plus, the wind was not blowing. That made a perfect afternoon for a ride on Otoelene. 
I decided to head down into the bottom where Joe has been feeding the cattle. Otoelene did a lovely western pleasure jog all the way to the end of the bottom and back. 
The cows are still a month from calving but some are looking pretty big. 
There were a lot just laying around too.  I think everyone was enjoying the break in the weather. 


C said...

The lovely weather shows in your photos

Shirley said...

Positively balmy weather! And you have no snow or mud, what's not to love!

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