Sunday, February 18, 2024

Not The Best And Brightest

Back in the summer there was a crew running fiberoptic cable all over the county.  There were lots of complaints.  
This was one of ours.  Apparently, they wanted to get through the entrance at Julian's but thought the electric fence that we had strung over the gate was too low.  (which is is now)
And since you are out there working next to the power lines anyway, let's not touch an electric fence wire.  Let's just cut the board holding it up, lay it down and drive over it.  Then if we put a big bolt in one board, that is pretty much putting it back the same.  Now with all the vertical weight supported by one  horizontal board, the weight of it is twisting the fence board and getting ready to fall.  
Joe had me charge up the drill so we could work on splicing the support board.  

 Maybe it will last a little longer now.  As Joe said, "They weren't the best and brightest."  


C said...

Well that is aggravating

Shirley said...

You would think they would contact the landowner first to see if the fence could be moved for them to gain access.

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