Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Goat Gathering

The goats are due to start kidding April 8th according to the goat gestation calendar. 
But one nanny got into the Billy lot a few days earlier.  We have decided it is better to have the goats up too early instead of waiting too long and having them start kidding way far away. 
So today we gathered them all together and headed to the kidding lot. 
They were split up into two groups at opposite ends so I got all my steps in getting them up. 
Stay tuned to see how kidding goes this year. 



Shirley said...

I love the topography of your farm- I grew up in an area that had rolling hills and nearby mountains- now I live on the flat prairie so it's nice to see photos that remind me of my childhood.
Hope all goes well with kidding!

C said...

The goats look pretty cooperative. I too hope all goes well with the kidding. I'm looking forward to the cute baby goat pictures :)

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