Friday, November 18, 2016

Late Wrangler Can Paint Update

Sister C and I attended the Cherokee Heights Arts Festival last weekend.  I was peddling my stock pile of Wrangler paintings and C had some fascinating hand painted eggs she was testing out on the public.  But the major focus was visiting sister A.  We had a great visit but a disappointing sale.
I thought my new display worked out well.
And don't tell E but I borrowed her show hat to draw some attention to the horse theme.
C's eggs were a conversation piece but this apparently was not the forum for sales.
There was a good bit a traffic all day.  I managed to place 6 paintings in new homes and a couple of people that bought paintings last year told me how much they enjoyed them.  
One irritation was when this man with his dog sat down in front of out booth blocking the entrance for 30 minutes.  There was a band across the road  so I guess he thought it was a good place to enjoy the music.
And we got a visit from Santa.  He was talking about his busy schedule and looking forward to a rest on December 25th. 
There was a man interviewing the participants and he suckered me into talking to him.  I'm at 13:20.  

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