Tuesday, February 13, 2018

%50 Off Clearance

I just couldn't pass up Dollar General's additional %50 off clearance sale.  My first trip I worked hard on matching coupons to items. 
Retail was around $32.  I paid $3.  It would have been $1 but my coupon for the glade didn't work.  The women in front of me spent $75.  She didn't have any coupons.  I handed her an extra 3 off 15.  She seemed confused and kept saying, "are you sure?" 
My next two trips were a little more because I was buying things that were 1/2 off but I didn't have coupons to lower even more.  So I  think I am good on toilet paper, paper towels, dawn dish detergent, soap and shampoo for a while.  Also got some sun screen for $2. 
Then I found this for V.  She had just talked about seeing it on Shark Tank.  I had looked it up for her and it was a $10 item at Walmart.  I got it for $3.  Happy early birthday V!  She will have to let us know how it works.
I am really trying to not get addicted. 

1 comment:

C said...

That is amazing. I saw the Dollar General 50% off deal show up on SlickDeals.net but I didn't go out to see what they had. Seems like I missed out on a good sale. But your couponing expertise takes it to an "whole nother level"!

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