Sunday, February 10, 2019

Rental Challenges

I went yesterday to help V with her new rental property.  There is plenty of big stuff to do but M had to work so it was just V and me.  We ended up doing some of the easier chores.  
 V had already started on one of the bedrooms
She was able to finish patching the holes and painted the entire room.  Now she can just close the door and forget about that one for now.

I spent the majority of the time taking down the wallpaper border from around the entire living room. 
I think it instantly (well, 2 hours later anyway) improved the look and feel of the room.
 I then moved on to the kitchen to try to remove the wallpaper there.  M had already taken down the cabinets and pulled up the old flooring.  This wallpaper proved to be much more challenging than the border paper.  I finally gave up after an hour when I had only made it to the window.  I think V needs to get a steamer to finish the job. 
We then moved outside to work on the yard some.  I had my trusty pruners and hand saw, but this tree was beyond my capabilities. 
I'm not sure how we are going to manage untangling that one.  V and M have their work cut out for them on this house.  I think they are looking into renting a dumpster to take care of all the stuff they are having to tear out and haul off.  Looks like I will have plenty of opportunity to help paint anyway.  


C said...

Good for V. I'm sure she was delighted to get the good help. The LR without the border looks much improved.

Someone is going to have their hands full with that tree in the fence - if they want to remove the tree and not hurt the fence. I wonder if a cordless drill could help at some point to remove the tree parts between the links. It may also take some detail whittling with a knife. It may be easier to sacrifice the fence and repair or patch it after the tree removal. Good luck to V and M.

C said...

Tree/fence - maybe just cut off the bottom and tops and leave it. It is an oddity but won't hurt anything once it just becomes a piece of wood in the fence. (that is how I would play it).

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