Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Oregon Trip Day 3

The pictures I can post from the road are limited to what I take with my iPad, so I will catch up later with my camera photos.  The first two days E and I just spent driving, 1370 miles.  Then today we stopped in Bismarck, ND and spent a little time in the North Dakota Heritage Center and Museum.  I got to see some dinasor bones.  Then it was on to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  E bought a year pass to the National parks.  I think that will come in handy for her time out in Oregon.  The park was very nice, lots of overlooks, trails and wildlife.  Also, from my iPad I cannot scroll down to comment on each picture, so bear with me.  We saw prairie dogs, bison, mustangs, and a magpie.  On to Yellowstone tomorrow!

1 comment:

C said...

You guys did some serious driving those first two days. I had not heard of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Very interesting scenery. I can't wait to see your Yellowstone update.

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