Friday, May 17, 2019

End Of An Era

E graduated Magna Cum Laude from Virginia Tech last night.
 She now has a BS in Wildlife Conservation, with minors in Equine Studies and Biology. 
 She had a big cheering section, grandparents, parents, sister, aunts, uncles and a cousin.  I think there are now12 in our immediate family with degrees from Tech.
 J said we have had a child in school for 20 years.  It is both a celebration and a little sad to see the time go by as fast as it has. 
I'm pretty sure that J's and my hair wasn't as white 20 years ago.

 It seems like only yesterday  E was off to Kindergarten orientation.
 Then her first day of school.
 Maybe we helped foster her interest in wildlife.
Now on to her next chapter,  Oregon!  Yes, she is headed off to the other side of the county.  She has a 6 month position working in range land management.  I am driving out with her then flying back.  Looking forward to an interesting trip but not toward leaving her out there.  Maybe after some travels she'll be interested in coming closer.   Congratulations E!


Jen said...

Awww, congratulations E and congratulations, momma!

C said...

What a wonderful post.

Congratulations to E and welcome to the ranks of the Hokie alumni.

And congratulations to you and J on marking the end of this significant era.

Those early pictures of E are just adorable.

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