Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Farm Workers

Mike was a big help with the goats Friday.  It was time to round up the little ones and band the males, then deworm the nannies.  With Mike there I even got to trim some of the nannies feet that were bad.  
 Mike was scooping up the kids 3 at a time.   You get done in 1/3 the time this way.
 I also took the skin sutures out of the c-section.  She is doing great and her kid is growing like a weed.
 Then Sunday, E came for a visit.  She put her goat herding skills to use with the bottle goats, scooping them up and back to the pen after they had finished their bottles.
 Then Mike came back Monday to help with the cattle. 
 This job wasn't too demanding, sorting out the cows and squirting dewormer on the calves.  We did have 3 to dehorn, not my favorite job.
Then they all got turned out on new pasture.  Then we had 14 spring calvers to work back at the house.  With Mike around it's like a vacation for me.
Kid count- 98

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C said...

You certainly have great help. Dealing with 3 goats at a time - that does not even seem like it would work. Amazing.

I'm glad to hear a continued happy ending for that new mother goat and baby that had been in trouble that you were able to save with the emergency c section.

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