Sunday, May 26, 2019

Oregon Trip Days 6 and 7

I have taken a billion pictures, the views everywhere I look are stunning and unexpected.  The terrain changes around every corner.  My neck is sore ( not really) from swiveling my head around so much.  I told E that I need a GoPro set to take a picture of everything I was looking at, in 3 second intervals. Yesterday we went to Crators of the Moon. AMAZING!!!!  It took up our entire day.  There was the most incredible 360 degree view from atop a cinder cone.  We spent the night in Boise, then back out  early to the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area.  I took lots of pictures of the views and flowers, but my camera wasn’t good enough for the birds.  I will have to try to get E to do a guest post for those.  We finished up the day at the Painted Hills.  Then we drove into Prineville to see where E will be working and on to Redmond where she is staying.  

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C said...

Sounds like you are reaping the benefits of traveling with a wildlife lover. I have not heard of some of these places. I'm looking forward to seeing E's guest post.

Is that Bunny in the weeds?

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