Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Farmercising With Fertilizer

J came home with 10 - 50# bags of fertilizer the other day.
He wanted to spread some on a section of the farm we can only get to by walking or riding a horse.  
You can just see the 4 wheeler up on the hill.  J had to carry the bags down one at a time, 
to get them across the creek.  
but the creek was deeper than usual so he changed his mind about walking across. 
On to plan B, and toss them across.  Then we crossed further down where we could jump. 
Then we poured the fertilizer into buckets and started spreading by hand. 
We did 250 pounds on this first knoll, then J did the rest by himself the next day on the knoll behind this one (I was on my retreat). We then had a torrential downpour. J estimates 2-3 inches of rain, so now it has probably all washed away.  But maybe some soaked in for some good, too early to tell. 


C said...


I'm exhausted just reading about this. And then the 2-3 inches of rain. heavy sigh

(I reread this and Mr. Bill came to mind for some reason)

C said...

Reread my comment that is (not your blog post)

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