Saturday, April 17, 2021

Senior Challenge

J's dad and step mom attend a local seniors meeting.  Somehow boxes of food get distributed there.  Last week they gave one of their boxes to J.  The box was labeled "5 day menu"  and contained a variety of single serving food items.  The only directions were what foods for days 1-5.  I couldn't tell if it was supposed to be a complete meal, two meals, a meal supplement or what.  After I divided it out I decided I could maybe make a breakfast and lunch out of it.  J said if I did that I would lose weight.  Let the challenge begin. 
Monday's menu was a little sparse.  I think I lasted about 3 hours after lunch before I had to start supplementing. 
Tuesday was much better but I refused to use the powdered milk, I just substituted the same amount in real milk.  But I was working outside pretty hard that day.  I don't think the calorie count took into account seniors that were very active.  
Wednesday looked pretty good, I liked the tuna on the tortilla.  But I was at work and someone brought in bagels from Panera Bread, had to have one.  
Thursday, at work again, I skipped the breakfast essentials for a glass of milk but there were still some bagels at work.  The Panera Bread honey/walnut cream cheese is delish. 
I gave up on Friday.  I usually have dinner leftovers for lunch and they were piling up in the fridge.  And I just wasn't feeling that little can of chicken noodle soup. I don't think I did very well.  If I had stuck to just the 5 day plan I am sure I would have lost weight but I only managed to stay the exact same.  But I enjoyed having a bunch of different things I normally would not purchase.  Maybe they will give us another box and I can try again.

Kid Count - 43



C said...

Kid count almost doubles overnight!

I don't get who is giving J's dad and step mother this food (and why).

C said...

First glance I thought this was a Dollar General challenge

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