Friday, April 9, 2021

Who's Ears Are Those

I will take a break from calving adventures to post on something more interesting, to me anyway, horse adventures. 
Draper! that's who's ears they are.  I had pulled her shoes in the winter and the weather was so bad I just didn't ride her but a handful of times.  But she got new shoes Tuesday and the weather was beautiful this morning so we went riding.  We did our warm ups in the barn.  
Then headed to the outdoor arena for some more work.  Then a spin around a couple of the fields.  For not having been ridden much the past few months she did pretty good.  Still some things to work on but that probably never ends with horse training.  
She even worked up a sweat. (she is not that tired, just wanting to check out those buckets)
And she enjoyed a little shower to cool off with.  


Shirley said...

Oh pretty Draper! You do have lovely mares.
Must have felt great to get out and ride. And it's warm enough to bathe them! We are still getting to near freezing at night here and cool days.

C said...

I'm happy to see the back of Draper's head again.

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