Monday, April 12, 2021

Weekend Retreat

Saturday I headed to Swoop (rhymes with rope) VA for a drug company sponsored women's retreat.  It had been rescheduled several times and it still ended up being sparsely attended with a total of 7 vets and staff from 3 clinics.  But all the better, everyone had a room to themselves in the bunkhouse, and there was plenty to eat and drink.  There was a couple of hours of CE but that was covered at meal time. 
Sunday morning was clear and beautiful after a night of rain. 
We started with some yoga.  Nothing too challenging, mostly stretches.  
And then for the main attraction.  A guided trail ride.  Those are Doc's ears that I am looking through.  
Jenna from my clinic rides Saddlebreds, so this one was a piece of cake.  
Our trail guide Dwight dressed the part. 
Some horses were faster than others so there was a lot of stopping to let them catch up and stay together.  Plus, Dwight stopped every whipstitch to make sure everyone was ok.  
Doc wasn't a big fan of other horses anywhere near.  Dwight said the only thing he liked was himself.  There were lots of ear pinning and kicking episodes.  He wanted a very large personal space bubble.  
We rode through the woods, on gravel roads and paved roads.  The scenery was beautiful.  We even saw a bald eagle.  
Everyone made it back in one piece after a nice 2 1/2 hour ride. 
I checked Doc's teeth when I got off, Dwight caught me and asked how old I thought he was.  I said, "plenty old, 20."  He said he turned 20 this year.  Yes! high five!  

All in all, a nice weekend with a little change of pace (I didn't have to saddle and unsaddle my horse anyway)


Shirley said...

"The only thing he likes is himself" hahahaha!
Glad you had a fun getaway.

C said...

Agree with Shirley - great line

I have no idea what "stopped every whip stitch" means.

Glad you passed the horse's mouth test - high five to you

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