Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Beautiful Day Photo Ops

We have been having some gorgeous sunrises lately.

 And the weather is continuing with springtime temperatures.
So this morning was Draper’s turn for a new year ride.  I haven’t ridden her in a couple of weeks. First it was zero degrees, and I wasn’t spending any more time outside than absolutely necessary.  Then when the weather was better, she was missing a shoe.  The farrier came out yesterday, so we were all set to ride.  Once again, I got on without lunging.  And once again, no issues.  

After lunch, Joe spotted a couple of woodpeckers in the yard,
a yellow bellied sap sucker,
and a red bellied woodpecker.

  This made me want to go on a little birding hike.  Unfortunately, as soon as I went out, the wind started blowing and all the birds apparently went into hiding.
I did get some nice landscape pictures.

And this little guy didn’t flinch while I walked up and took his picture.  Another beautiful day.


Shirley said...

What beautiful terrain you live in! Love the dark broody sky over the golden pasture.
Good girl Draper :0)

C said...

Beautiful pictures.

Yellow bellied sapsucker sounds like an insult or a joke. I don't think I have every seen one in person.

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