Sunday, January 15, 2023

Maiden Voyage, Not Unlike The Titanic

I got Joe a drone for Christmas.  I have tinkered around with it a little inside but had not had a good opportunity to really figure it out.  
Emily and Keiran were here today and Keiran seemed very interested in getting it to work.  He picked up where I had left off and actually got it flying.

Things were off to a good start.

I was even able to take some pictures from the drone. 
And since the purpose of it was to be able to find the goats, we went looking for them.  I started having a little problem with the video, so Keiran started bringing the drone back.
He was doing great bringing it in, until a gust of wind caught it.
And deposited it in the top of the maple tree. 
A lot of discussion ensued.  Keiran said he could climb the tree and get close if we had a long grabber.  Joe’s extendable calf catcher pole was just the thing. Keiran climbed as far as he felt comfortable and took the pole and was able to shake the branch enough to get the drone to drop out.
Too bad one of the propellers broke.  I’ve worked on it with some glue tonight.  Tomorrow we will see if it still works, or if like the Titanic, its maiden voyage will be its last. 


Shirley said...

Too bad it broke! I bought my husband a remote helicopter toy one Christmas and he took it outside and crashed it. Totally kaput.

C said...

Great idea and looks fun. But yikes on the wind. That will definitely be a problem

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