Monday, January 30, 2023

Timely Article

Mama was decluttering her file cabinet and gave me a folder of articles she had saved about gardening. I found one that was very timely for me.

You might notice that the date is November 1978.  She has been holding on to this for awhile. 
But look, I happen to have a very leggy Dracaena.   
I cut the tops off, dipped them in rooting hormone and stuck them back in the pot with the stumps. I then cut the long stalk into sections and stuck them in water to root.  In 2-8 weeks if I see roots, I can plant them in soil.

While I was in the planting mood, I decided to deal with my snake plants.  My original one came from a leaf cutting I did in Plant Propagation class in college.  It has been multiplying ever since.   I planted this one a couple of years ago but have never been happy with how it has done.  I have had to keep it staked and tied.  

These two are usually on the mantel.  Emily has been appalled at how root bound they are.  

I thinned out the root bound ones.  They do look better. 
And I made two more small ones out of the big gangly one. 
I think they like to be root bound so maybe the smaller pots will be better. 

1 comment:

C said...

Very timely article indeed.

It all looks good - definitely improved

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