Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Birding With Emily

Emily and Keiran visited for a few days before continuing their journey to South America. I have an extensive bird feeding area now because of Emily. 
The birds really eat a lot. 
They have finally figured out the thistle seed feeder. 

We left the yard and headed across the creek.  Emily and Keiran were trying out their camera equipment.

Our subject was a Canada Goose.  I noticed it was limping then saw the band on its leg, (probably not related).  But that was most likely why it was there by itself and let us get so close. 

I think that I got a pretty good picture.  Keiran and Emily never showed me their photos. 
Then we drove to the lake and I added 2 new duck species to my county list.  There were about 30 of these  common mergansers. 
And one gadwall.  That should move me up on the eBird list.  I will miss being able to bird with Emily for the next 10 months.  I really need a seeing eye birder. 

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