Saturday, May 20, 2023

Cattle, Goats and Sadie

Yesterday, we started out working cattle.

 Joe had once again done all of the preliminary work of getting the cattle up.  I just had to help catch and give shots.
We were only working our 22 replacement heifers and deworming some Herefords Joe bought last year.  Everything work pretty smoothly.

Then inthe afternoon we decided to get the goats up and work them.
I did the prep work for that.  Those little kids can pour through a fence like water so there is lots of hole blocking to be done.  Usually I get out a bunch of plywood.  But I saw a pile of old tin Joe had saved from when we had a new roof put on the barn a couple of years ago. It was much lighter to move around than the plywood and worked perfectly.
We banded all of the bucklings. I am pretty sure there were 3 boys to every girl.  I caught them all one at a time for Joe to band.  We then dewormed the nannies and I trimmed some of the bad feet.  It was a big job and we are glad that it is over with.  Today we turned them out of the kidding field to roam around the rest of the farm.  We sorted out the  two billies hoping we can keep them to use again this year.  And there are two nannies that haven’t kidded yet.  We will try to keep them with the billies until they kid.
Then Sadie came for a visit today.  She went with us for the afternoon  and evening goat feeding.

And she helped us plan the garden.

I think she really enjoyed the farm work.

It has been a busy couple of days.

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Shirley said...

Sadie is going to want to spend all her summer holidays with you once she starts going to school. What a blessing for her- and for you!

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