Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Easiest Graft Ever- 3000th Post

I have been bottle feeding 3 kids.  One from a set of triplets from the first nanny that kidded.  After a couple of days she culled him so I took over.  Then there was a random one that we never identified the mom.  The third one is a tiny triplet about a week old.  She was too weak  and small to keep up or compete with her siblings.  So I added her to the pen it feed. 
You may have noticed two pens in the barn, one in each corner.
This one was to keep a new set of triplets safe while we worked cattle.

She had them outside and all looked good.  But we have been moving the triplets to the barn for a day or two, then keeping them in a larger lot until we are sure the nanny is taking them all and that they all are thriving.
The same day, Striper, a former bottle goat, had a huge dead single.  Since she is a pet I thought I might try grafting one of my bottle kids on her.
At first she didn’t want any part of it and kept jumping out of the pen, hence the higher reinforcements.  I skinned the dead one and made a little set of pants for the graft and we covered him with “Orphan No More.”  By that evening she was accepted him.
And the next day we were able to turn them out.
I think we have a happy adoptee. 
I also just noticed this is my 3000th blog post. Happy 3000.

1 comment:

Shirley said...

Nice to have a success story for your 3000th post!
I'm only 6 posts behind you.

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