Monday, May 22, 2023

Off To A Bad Start

We were going to go trail riding Sunday.  I had Draper and Hugo caught and brushed, the truck loaded and ready to go.  

 And it wouldn’t start.   After some tinkering, Joe got it started but wasn’t comfortable hauling the horses and then possibly getting stranded.  So after some riding around in the barn, I traded out Draper for Otoelene and we spent a couple of hours riding around the farm instead.
We went though the woods, 
Around in some rough areas, 
Down the gravel road,
Though the gorge, 

Checking the cows and found a new calf, 
And out in the field.  It was a nice ride, just not a trail ride.  Then in the afternoon Sadie was here and wanted to ride.  So after a little break, Otoelene was called back into service.
I really love Sadie’s riding outfit, the tutu is adorable.
And after some riding and singing in the barn,
We went out for another little trail ride down the driveway.  Sadie said she was ready to ride all day, but I’m not so sure.  Anyway, we had a nice ending to a bad start. 

1 comment:

Shirley said...

Love the girly little outfit too.
Hope you get the truck trouble fixed and get in a good trail ride soon.

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