Monday, May 29, 2023

South Poll Sale

Friday we headed to Appomattox with Mike, Virginia, Sadie and Allie for a South Poll sale.  Virginia likes that they are small and very docile.  Mike likes whatever makes Virginia happy.
The breed is supposed to be good for easy fleshing on 100% grass, heat tolerance, and tender meat.  So they could be ideal for raising to sell off the farm for freezer beef. 
 Like with everything, there are a few really good marketers for the product (South Poll cattle) and then a bit of a cult like following.  The bred has not been in existence for long, since the 90’s, so the supply is limited. This all makes for some high prices. 
They had a nice location for the sale.  They also had a field day with lectures and a pasture walk, but with a toddler and a baby we thought it best not to try that.

There were a few yearling bulls, open heifers, bred heifers and cow/calf pairs.
Joe was a little interested in the pairs, thinking if he got a big price for the calf later, he wouldn’t have much invested in the cow.  Mike and Virginia were more interested in a bull.   But it didn’t matter.  Things went much higher than either of us wanted to pay.   I think people get overly excited at an auction. 
So the next step if we want one is to just find someone selling private treaty. 


C said...

Disappointing. The breed characteristics sound good.

Shirley said...

I've not heard of that breed before. Around here everyone goes for Dexters if they want small cattle.
Looks like Sadie would have liked to get through the fence in with the cows!

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