Friday, September 1, 2023


Nothing about farming is ever easy.
This picture says it all.  You wouldn’t think that seeing a calf would cause Joe to facepalm.  But what you don’t know it that there are no cows in this field, so why the calf.
This morning we went to check the fall calving cows and heifers.  It looked like there was a new one.  But after studying on it Joe said that was not her calf.  It belonged to another cow and she had stolen it.

She walked back to the herd leaving the calf behind.  She was acting a little strange but really didn’t look like she had calved yet.  We looked around the field but with the grass as tall as it is, we were never able to find any other calf. 
We went back this evening and that is when we found the calf in the driveway.  It had never been cleaned. The heifer was back with the wrong calf again.  We were able to get the new calf to the lot, then went about getting the other calf and two heifers up.   That actually went better than Joe had anticipated.
And at least the heifer stood still in the chute while joe worked with the calf. 
Unfortunately, it looks like it will take some work to get her to take the calf.  Maybe we will get lucky and she will like him by morning. 

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C said...

It takes skill and detail observation to get to the bottom of this mystery. I hope you will be able to straighten out these pairs.

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