Saturday, September 23, 2023

Third Annual Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T.) Sheep & Goat Festival

Today we attended the third annual Sheep and Goat festival.   Last year it was voted most outstanding one day event of the year by Southwest Virginia Tourism.  If this year was anything like last year it should win again.  This was Joe’s and mine first time attending, but we met up with Mike, Virginia, Sadie and Allie who had all gone last year.

Even with the overcast weather and little rainy morning there was a good crowd. 
There were lots of different breeds of sheep and goats on display.
A coworker was there with some of her sheep and her daughter had an angora rabbit.  Neither Sadie nor Allie would touch it though. 
Sadie was more interested in running up and down the hill.
Allie joined in on this too until they got tired and wanted lunch.
Mutton burgers were on the menu.  I thought they were tasty.  Joe said he would rather have a hamburger.
Allie on the other hand, enjoyed the cheese puffs.
After some cleaning up, we watched a bit of the sheep dog trials.  We didn’t stay long because the girls really were not that interested in sitting still to watch.
There were a couple of buildings with educational exhibits, an art contest and craft vendors.  
Sadie’s let me take her picture as a sheep.
They had painted pumpkins before we got there and we went to pick them up after they had dried. 
I think Allie really liked hers.  She was ready to go home and take a nap.
There were also starter flocks of several breeds for sale.
More educational exhibits, this one with the internal organs painted on the wool.
And this one with preserved rumens and stomachs. 
There was a prize wheel to spin.  First I picked a pair of socks.  But after seeing the vendors I went back and traded the socks for a $10 coupon for any vendor.  I know, I should have picked the coupon first, what was I thinking.  Anyway, I bought this adorable needle felted sheep.  There were three to choose from and it was a tough decision. 
Joe won a pick off the toy table and selected the horse finger puppet for Sadie.  I also got a couple of goat key chains.  And all of this for free admission!  What a fun day.

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C said...

How funny that the kids like running up and down the hill so much. Looks like a fun day. The GOAT of Goat events :)

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