Sunday, September 3, 2023

Sadie Sunday

Joe wanted to eat lunch in town today.  We stopped by to see Virginia, Mike, Sadie and Allie afterwards.  Sadie wanted to go home with us, yay!  Two are not as easy as one.  So divide and conquer seems to work with Sadie and Allie.  
Sadie pretend cooked in her kitchen and let me braid her hair.
Then we cooked for real with the Easy Bake Oven.  Sadie is sporting a new bracelet that I helped her make after she played Barbies.  She also made one for her mommy.

She really likes making her own cookie.
She wanted to make a tunnel on the sofa but I said how about a tent.  It is a beach tent I got at the clinic as a drug company reward for meeting some sale goal.
Then she wanted to go to the barn to see her goat, Glitter. She also did not want to wear a hat because she wanted to be able to feel her braids. It was time to feed the dogs so we did that on the way.   Then Joe came and fed the two new beef heifers. 
We are going to have to deworm the young goats again tomorrow.  Several are pale and weak and one died yesterday.  The wet summer has been terrible for worms.  Well, good if you are a worm, but bad if you are the goat hosting the worms.  Anyway, we went ahead and got the goats up so we could work them early in the morning.  I pulled the truck up to the gate at the yard and put Sadie in the back as a playpen/corral to keep her contained while Joe and I ran around up and down the hill getting the goats.  It is nice to have such a cooperative little girl. 


C said...

Another fun filled super Sadie Sunday :)

What is going on with that goat sign where the middle goat is up-side down?

Shirley said...

Sadie sure is a cutie. Helpful too! Her braids are very cute.

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