Friday, September 22, 2023

Three Things

I hung the laundry out on the line the other day.  Looks like the change of season is official.

I thought sister A might get a kick out of the lineup.
Walgreens has been having some free picture codes lately.  I have three accounts, so three pictures.  When I went to get them the cashier asked if I wanted my receipt.  I said it didn’t matter.  She replied, “you might want to post it on Facebook.”
Well, not Facebook, but here it is.  
Lastly, yet another cucumber and zucchini from the garden.  I think it is a record for how late they are producing.


Shirley said...

No idea about those coupons, but free stuff is always good! My garden is done now except for cabbage and carrots.

C said...

I love those shirts. Free photos rule!!!

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