Saturday, September 16, 2023


This Spring I purchased several columbines from the clearance table at Lowe’s. 
They are purple.  Since purple is Sadie’s favorite color I have been trying to add more purple flowers to the yard.
After I dead headed them some are even blooming now.  They have an upright flower instead of the typical dangling one.  They all did well except one.  It had a sudden death mid summer. But when I was cleaning up the area I noticed a little volunteer in its place. 

I have never planted a pansy so I know it came from the dirt of the columbine.
And look, they are purple too! 
And with such cute faces.  I may have to start planting them now.


C said...

Once you said cute faces I looked again. Very cute

Shirley said...

I love pansies! So hardy and so very pretty.

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