Saturday, May 5, 2018

Coupon Saturday #6

I did just a little couponing this week.  Dollar General did away with the $3 off $15 for filling out the survey but added it to the bottom of the receipt for Saturday use only.  Since I had to go in to work today anyway, might as well coupon a little.  
 4 Fabreze @ 3.00   each  minus two bogo, and $2 instant savings when you spend $12
2 Band-Aid @ 2.00 each  minus two $2 coupons
Bic @ 3.00  minus $3 coupon and minus 3 off 15.
Total = 1.00  plus tax
 I was hoping for free because there was a Dollar General coupon on bandaid for bogo 50% off but it didn't attach and I didn't argue over that one.
 Then J wanted some wasp spray,
3 Jergens @ 3.50 each minus three $3 off coupons
2 Beans @ 1.50 each minus $0.75 coupon                                                                                                   1 Spray @ 4.75 minus $0.55 coupon and 3 off 15
Total = 4.95 plus tax
 The Finish was free with two coupons at Dollar Tree.
Then there was a $5 off 10 cans of Alpo.  At $0.70 a can with $5 off made it  $0.20 a can.  Did the deal twice because that was all of the digital accounts I have.   The big dogs will enjoy the addition to their daily dry Pedigree.


C said...

Truly amazing.

Virginia Reasor said...

You will definitely need a new shelf now

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