Monday, May 21, 2018

New And Improved Bottle Goat Feeder and Rorschach Test

I decided to go ahead and splurge on buying enough nipples so all of the bottle goats could eat at once.
 That meant I needed to expand the feeder from my original 4 holer.  I am only feeding 7 but I went ahead and made it 8 for the sake of symmetry.
 So far it is working like a charm.
Getting everyone lined up is the biggest chore.  Then, as they finish, we just pluck them off and put them back in the pen.  After we are finished with everything at the barn, I turn them outside so they are not living in the pen 24/7.
The last one kidded Friday.  Not this one but I love her markings.  I think it looks like a dog head.  What do you see?

Final Kid Count - 110.


C said...

What a great post. Great work on the bottle holder. I love the little video of the goats running out to be fed. Adorable.

Goat markings. I completely see the dog head on the side of the goat. The markings on the face seem too complex for me to make out.

C said...

I just noticed kid count 110 -- wow!

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