Monday, May 28, 2018

This Week, In The Garden

I am not complaining but we have had so much rain it has been hard to get much planted in the garden.  I have gotten to the point where I just buy plants anyway, except for the beans, I do plant seeds for those.  
 I had a new idea for the cucumbers.  V and Mike were visiting and glad to help. 
 They took a 16 foot cattle panel, arched it and secured it with posts.  The plan is for the cucumber vines to climb up and over, and the cucumbers to hang down for easy picking. 
Stay tuned to see how that works out.
 We did get a row of beans planted between rains, and they are already up. 
 The tomatoes,
 broccoli and peppers are all doing well too.  Now I am just waiting for enough tommy toes to volunteer so we can make a row of those.  Then I will plant another row of beans so the crops will be a little staggered.   J had been keeping up with the hoeing, so the garden is off to a good start.


C said...

Your garden looks great. I'm interested to hear how your cuke hut works out.

C said...

Beautiful peonies! Mine are almost done.

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