Friday, May 18, 2018

New Acquisition

Whenever I get the  chance, I will run into the State Surplus store just to see if there is anything interesting.   Most of the time there isn't anything I want.  But sometimes I get lucky and there is a jewel.  
 I went to the bank during my lunch break Wednesday and took a swing by the surplus store and saw this cabinet.  I thought to myself, "I don't need another piece of furniture,"  and was strong and didn't buy it.  But that night I couldn't get it off my mind.  So lunch on Thursday I went to see if it was still there.  I was totally prepared for it to be gone, but no,  it was there and $10 off the price from the day before. 
 It is a nice moderate size with two adjustable shelves. 
 It is only 4 feet tall and a little over 3 feet wide. 
There is a little condition issue on top, but I think a little steel wool and polish should take care of that.   Now I just have to decide where to put it and what to take out to make room for it. 


C said...

A beautiful piece. I hate the "I should have bought it" feeling. So cool that the hesitation paid off with a $10 off discount!

Shirley said...

Nice piece!

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