Friday, May 11, 2018

Goat Turnout Day

The goats have been in the kidding field for over a month now and it is time to let them loose.  Six still haven't kidded but with the new fence we are able to separate them from the others.  
 There is always a lot of yelling when the baby goats pour through any crack, so I worked first on trying to eliminate all forms of egress.  I hung plywood off of the gate,
 and blocked the far fence with more plywood, feed sacks and cardboard.  I also put some new boards below the bottom board so they couldn't go under the fence. 
 And we were so fortunate to have E home from college to help, YAY!
 166 goats starts to look like a lot. 
 And the reinforced pen was a success.  We only had 2 escapees, and they climbed over the first board on the fence. 
 E and I caught the babies while J banded the boys. 
 Then it was on to the nannies, J and e caught those while I dewormed them. 

 We have a few with bad feet.  J would hold those while I trimmed them. 
Now they are turned out to the rest of the farm.  Rose bushes, watch out. 

1 comment:

C said...

I scrolled back on the posts to fine the last kid count (101 - wow). I assume the 166 includes all the kids. That is a lot of goats.

So nice to have good help.

Yikes on that bad feet picture.

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