Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Horse Selling Frustration

J said we had too many horses for just the two of us.  I wasn't willing to sell any of mine so J decided to put Brother up for sell.  Being a 7 year old gelding, we thought he would be the most salable.  So here is the ad. 

This big, stout, sound, western all around gelding has excellent conformation and been trail ridden extensively and shown some locally in Western Pleasure and cowboy challenge. He also successfully completed a 35 mile LD endurance ride as a 4 year old. He is out on pasture 24/7 with other horses, cattle and goats. Lots of fun for intermediate or experienced rider. Not for total beginner because his attention can sometimes still wander. W/T/C, backs, side passes, leg yields, unbelievably smooth jog with nice low head set. Has been on overnight rides, stands tied, loads perfect, great ground manners. Selling due to too many horses. Can email additional pictures.

And what kind of calls have I been getting.  Can he jump?  I want to do dressage.  My teenage daughters rodeo and like to run on the trails.  Can you send a video of him doing a posting trot and cantering faster?
What part of Western Pleasure do people not understand?
And my next problem, if you can believe abscess.  I think I am cursed.  Or maybe he just needs to stay here because he is a pretty nice horse.  Oh, and a call from someone 3 hours away that knew a trainer near me.  Could the trainer come look to see if he was suitable for her?  Sure,  trainer called, set up day to come.  Never showed up or called back or returned my call to see if she was coming.  I had Brother groomed and clipped, ready to show.  What is with people?
Rant over, thanks for listening.


C said...

I'm so surprised that J is selling Brother. The selling part sounds very frustrating (especially people not showing up).

Shirley said...

I hear ya! For some reason horse ads bring out the loonies who can't read or understand an ad no matter how explicitly you lay it out. And as for no-show people - they don't get a second chance.

aurora said...

Sounds frustrating. Some people just don't know better, or care. Every good horse person on either end of a sale wants a horse to be a match, it's in everyone's best interest. Maybe Brother is meant to stay with you guys?

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