Saturday, April 20, 2019

Kid Confusion

Well, the kidding has begun.  We started with what I thought was a single from a first time yearling.  Then later in the day I went out and found another one but couldn't identify anyone that had had it.  The only choice was that she had had twins but was only taking one.  So I have started right off the bat with a bottle baby. 
 Then a few uneventful twins and singles.
 But yesterday morning we found Socks with one, and a stray one out a little way from her.
 J carried it over to her.
 But she didn't want any part of it.
 And just out from her was this one.  How many do you see under there?  If you said 4 you would be correct. 
 I think she would have taken all 5 if we had let her.  But we decided it was most likely 2 sets of triples that got mixed up. 
 Since the black nanny was taking anything, we left 3 with her and marked them so we could make sure that she was continuing to take care of them. 
And since Socks is a pet but was only taking one, we took her to the barn and put her in a pen to see if we could force her to take them.   So far she will stand to let them nurse if we hold her but she isn't giving them any love yet. 
Kid Count - 23.

1 comment:

C said...

Adorable kids. I hope Socks steps up and takes care of hers.

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