Sunday, April 14, 2019

Two Drives To The Barn

We started our Spring cattle work Friday with the yearlings. 
 These will be the replacement heifers plus about 10 of the smaller end of the calves.
 When they got to the gate, they didn't want to go through.
 J had to do a little arm waving and some hollering to get them turned around.
 But they weren't much trouble.  We got the heifers vaccinated, dewormed and we are trying out a mineral shot called Multimin 90.  J is hoping it will help get a higher percent of the heifers to bred.  Then J took the 10 small ones out to his dad's house where we rent 20 acres. 
 Then it was time to get the goats up.  The calender says they should start kidding on the 16th so we wanted to be ready.

 Some look a little more ready than others.
 J tried to get a count on them but had to wait until we got them in the barn lot for that.  We ended up 1 short from what I thought we should have. 
 They headed on pretty good.
 Jewel kept an eye on things.
Now they are handy so we can check on them more often. 
Kid Count - 0

1 comment:

C said...

Expansive profile photo...Very ready indeed...

What happens to the missing goat? Just wait for her to show up?

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