Tuesday, April 23, 2019

So You Think Your Day Was Bad

How about being born here.
We went out early Sunday morning to find this...
 This nanny decided to kid in the mud on the bank where the soil had eroded away from the tree roots.  The baby was alive but weak.  I had to milk a pet goat and tube feed the trapped one.  It was up by the afternoon but the nanny didn't want it.  We caught her to let it nurse but the next day it was back in a mud hole and too weak to stand again.  So, to ICU it went.  I am now up to 5 bottle goats, Socks never took those other two and one of the other triplets wasn't getting enough milk.
 I just don't understand, when 90% of the field looks like this, why do they go to the worst part to kid.  It's not exclusive to goats, our cows do the same thing.
 With so many bottle babies, I brought out the bottle rack to start the training.
 I also have a goal of not having any kids drown this year.  This is my new water trough barricaid.  Last year I used pallets and left a little tiny space for the goats to drink and one kid still managed to fall through the little gap and drown.
So now I have attached a basket to the underside of my new plywood cover; the animals can still drink but hopefully nothing can fall through.
And just to show what a sweet dog Jewel is.
Kid count 53 (from 26 nannies so far)


Shirley said...

Better call that little one, Trouble!
Yes why o why do they pick the worst spots to give birth...
Love the last photo.

C said...

First I have to say that Jewel with the baby goats is just adorable.

And that birthing location and poor little baby - thank goodness you are looking out for them.

It looks like your bottle rack will be getting a workout.

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