Sunday, July 7, 2019

Oregon Trip Pictures #5

Picking up where we left off, E and I spent the night in Idaho Falls.  It was rainy and overcast but we had a nice view from our hotel. 
 There was a river park right outside that we visited the next morning.
 I found a bench that I really wanted.
 Then it was on the find The Craters Of the Moon.
 The driving was always interesting with unexpected views around nearly every turn.
One of the roads E's map had us take was like driving across moon craters.
 Craters of the Moon is a National Monument and preserve in the Snake River Plain, still in Idaho.
 I posted some pictures during the trip already that were on my Ipad, but here are a few other things that I only had on my camera.
 The cinder garden was a surprise.
 There was a large cinder hill to climb but the view from the top was totally worth every step.
 It was stunning for 360 degrees.
 E even let me take a togetherie, I think I am getting better at these.

 I thought it was interesting that the park service was admitting to a mistake.  It always worries me when the government wants to change or improve something.  There are always unintended consequences to our actions.
One person's ugly is another person's interesting.
 I found after the fact, that one of my pictures had a strong resemblance to the official poster.   The picture above is untouched.
E has started collecting posters from some of the parks she goes too but she didn't want this one.  Maybe I should make my own poster.

These were from an app called Watercolor Effect.  I really like playing with it. If you are ever near Craters of the Moon, I highly suggest visiting, 5 Stars!

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C said...

Really nice view from your hotel. I'm enjoying these travel pictures. I had never heard of Craters of the Moon. Very intriguing place.

Nice togetherie.

Do my eyes deceive me or was that horse bench an appaloosa bench? (horse legs were a bit short - but very cool bench)

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