Thursday, July 4, 2019

Stairway To Heaven, Or At Least The Barn Loft

When we bought this farm 20+ years ago, this little loft had been used to store square bales.  Since we weren't square baling any hay, I cleaned it out and started storing scrap wood.  First, there was wood from building the house, then tearing down old fence, then from forms made when we had a bridge repaired.  There is a lot of scrap wood up there.
 The problem had been getting to it.  It is 4 feet up in the air with no stairs.  I had this little 8 inch platform that I set in front of it, then I would hang on to the boards sticking out and climb up.  Getting down was another story.  There was an old wooden chair I would try to reach with my foot then jump. 
Well, this is the chair the last time I tried that.  I have been thinking of how best to get some stairs.  I decided to buy a couple of stringers from Lowes.  
 They are actually made for a deck, but I turned them upside down to make a stepper incline and use less floor space.  Plus, the 4 step stringers were $12 vs $25 for the 6 step variety.   J got to work with the installation.
 Some good helpers showed up halfway through.
Now I have stairs.  Maybe I won't be risking breaking my neck next time I need a board.
Happy Independence Day!


C said...

This was a harrowing post. I hope you were not too injured in the "chair collapse" - yikes!

Very nice solution (if it had been me - I would have put the ladder/stair closer to a post for support)

C said...

oh and those helpers were bringing the cute

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