Saturday, August 1, 2020


Remember this farm? click here to see
Well, we made an offer back in May that was accepted.  The closing was suppose to be on or about June 22.  It is now August first and we are still waiting for the government, that we are getting part of the loan through, to finish getting their act together.  What does that have to do with Twinsies you might ask.  Well, back in June when we were still under the naive impression that we were going to be taking possession of a new farm, J bought some new cows so we could start stocking it. 
One of said cows had a little set of twins!  Unfortunately, it didn't look like she was going to be able to raise both.  
For several days, J fed both some extra with a bottle.  
But then we made the tough decision to leave the heifer on the cow and move the bull calf to the barn to raise on the bottle.  Guess we have another pet. 

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Shirley said...

Do you use the pail with the nipple on the bottom for feeding the bull calf?
I noticed that blogger is giving us trouble with resizing photos; mine were not allowing me to make them fit into the column just like yours on this post. I tried clicking on the size I wanted (Extra large) but nothing happened. Then I clicked on Original size, then back to my choice and it worked. I didn't go for the new interface either, my view being if it ain't broke don't fix it.

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