Friday, March 26, 2021

Another Spring Calving Season Has Begun

It's not officially suppose to start here until April 1st, but it really started March 17th.  This just happened to be the first heifer to calve today and easy for me to go get a picture. 
And it was a bull calf which required banding. 
J had that done in short order. 
And then snapped in an ear tag.  I think he tags them more for my benefit because he pretty much knows all the cows as individuals.   We really don't use the tags in any form of record keeping so J is always saying he doesn't even know why he bothers.  He has talked about just getting an ear notcher instead.  But for now, it is still a tag. 
All done and ready to run back to mom. 
Plus the grass is greening up!


Shirley said...

Looking very green there!
I thought tagging was done as a requirement when mad cow disease (I know, not the technical name!) hit and record keeping became mandatory- at least, here in Canada- so that cattle sold at auction could be traceable to the farm of origin.

C said...

You don't keep any records or statistics on the cows (by number)?

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