Sunday, March 21, 2021

In Bloom At the 4Rs

I think our spring is 1-2 weeks behind normal.  But we finally have some blooms to share.
Little daffodils, 
bicolored daffodils, 
and regular old daffodils. 
And the forsythia at the top of the stairs is trying pretty hard to bloom.  Looks like Spring has sprung. 


C said...

Happy to see your spring flowers getting going. Beautiful

Shirley said...

Yay daffs! They ae the cheerful harbinger of spring. I bought a bouquet of them last week. I need to plant some! They are starting to bloom here, our church has a row of them planted along the south wall and they are always in bloom for Easter.

Alica said...

Oh how I love spring!! Your daffodils look so cheery! Your forsythia looks like it's at least a week or so ahead of the bushes around here. Jim and I took a walk the other evening and there was the teeniest bit of yellow showing on the tight buds.

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