Sunday, March 7, 2021

Hank Is At It Again

Hank introduced 2 new people to the joys of the horse world yesterday.
And the first one was Granddaughter S!  It was finally nice enough weather to take her out some.  
I don't know who was happier, S or dad M.  Well, I do know it was dad, but S will get there.  

V and M had come to the house to move a massive piece of furniture for me.  They brought along another couple to help.  It has been sitting in my front hall for 3 months now.  I thought it would go upstairs but it just barely made it into the house.  We have been waiting on good weather and strong help to move it back out.  It all worked out yesterday and I have my front hall back, thank you.   

As payment, I saddled up Hank and let Jack take a ride.  He said he had been on a few rouge horses before, ones that took off, bucked or you had to jump off of.  So a safe horse and safe barn was a big help.  Jack was thrilled with Hank.  He kept looking at his wife and saying, "We need a horse."
He was even cantering in no time.  He said he could see how this could become an addiction.  Jack did ask a very insightful question, "if you started with a trained horse could someone that didn't know anything mess it up?"  I said, yes, in about 10 minutes.  


Shirley said...

That is one impressive piece of furniture! Too bad it didn't fit. I can see it being a crafter's (or couponer's ) dream!
I love it when people connect with horses especially after having a bad experience. I hope if they get a horse they will take lessons and watch lots of videos from guys like Chris Cox and Steve Lantvit, who both are on RFD TV now and explain things so clearly.
Your granddaughter is adorable on that horse!

C said...

S with Hank is sooo cute. M holding S on Hank sooo cute. Great picture of the side if Hank's head and eye looking at little S.

That was a big piece of furniture. I'm sure you are happy to get that resolved. And Jack saying "we need a horse" to his wife. Well I'm sure you felt a kindred spirit there.

I'm surprised at your answer about whether someone who didn't know anything could mess up a trained horse. in 10 minutes?

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