Thursday, March 18, 2021

Beefed Up Art

I was riding Otoelene earlier this week and saw this down tree.
And what exactly is tangled up in the top of it?
Looks like a lot of grape vine to me. 
So I got on the 4 wheeler and pruned out some of the vines.  There is still a lot out there and I left all the vines that went back up into other trees.  Could be nice to have a source of more in the future. 
I took down my original wreath and wove the new vines into it.  These were much thicker than my yard clippings and only took a few to make a big difference. 
I think it doubled the size and weight.  Now I might need to make another one to add to the interest.  

1 comment:

C said...

Looks more substantial. I'm guessing you will eventually end up with three rings like your pinterest inspiration (which was cool btw)

Were the vines you found truly grape vines? Or were they just regular vines (like kudzu)?

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