Monday, March 29, 2021

Trail Cam Scavengers

We went to feed the dogs the other day and noticed blood on some of their faces.  J was immediately worried that they had killed a calf.  We went looking and all the calves for fine.  I finally found a dead deer in a gully.  We set up the trail came to see what all would come to the feast. 
Mr. Fox showed up, 
and in color too. 
The coyote was a frequent visitor. 
Lots of black and white, no color. 
Of course the dogs were there at varying times. 

And lets don't leave out our birding friends.  There were crows, 
and ravens.

Looks like the raven and turkey vulture were not getting along. 
I think we have a vulture selfie. 


C said...

Vulture selfie - haha. So you think the guard dogs killed the deer or just found it and feasted on it? Clever use of the trail cam.

Shirley said...

Some great captures!
We had a moose through our bottom woods yesterday.

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