Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Adventures in Calving Part 2

We had our first set of twins for the season.  J thought it would be a good idea to separate them out into a smaller field without any other cows and calves so as to avoid confusion, both on the cow's part and ours.  
She had them down in some old pine trees on a step hill.  But what isn't steep around here?
A bull and a heifer, both nice and lively. 
Walking up the hill and through all the down trees, they got separated. 
So J picked up the laggard and carried him.  Just zoom in on J's face to see how he enjoyed this part. 
We herded the cow and one calf out, 
then J carried the other through the group on onlookers. 
The togetherness was short lived.  A little while later, they managed to get separated by the length of the field, about 1/4 mile.  We rounded them back up with the cow an put them in the smaller lot next to the new barn.  So far so good.  


Shirley said...

Well... that should keep J in shape!

C said...

J is demonstrating some major farmercising.

J's face said it all.

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